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A physician's odyssey beginning in the riotous drug-saturated "sixties" and ending in quiet self-reflection within a mirror.  The journey carries the reader through jail cells, illegal Mexican pulquerias and brothels, Mexican and American medical schools and emergency rooms, cockfights, bizarre patients, voodoo rites, incompetent physicians and even a space alien or two. 

"Stranger in a Deranged Land paints a rich, nuanced portrait of life in Mexico and the United States during the late 20th century, offering readers an immersive journey into a bygone era. More than just a collection of anecdotes, this book is a testament to an extraordinary life lived across cultural boundaries, making for an enlightening and utterly captivating read." – Thomas Anderson, Literary Titan

Scions of Icarus:  Reviews

"A measured but gleefully absurd tale with a simply wonderful cast of assorted characters."– Kirkus Reviews

"Scions is the funniest thing I’ve read lately, this side of Dave Barry." – Gregg Sapp, Reedsy Discovery  

A Literary Titan Book Award winner

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Walker Lane Stranger

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